The best tourism database with proven technology.

The ODP tourism database is the beating heart of our platform. It is an intelligent content hub, the epicenter of all touristic data. You are the owner of the touristic data of your city or region. You decide who is allowed to use which data. Using tags and labels you define which events are published where. Bring the information where your target group expects it: “Fish where the fish are!” With a dedicated tourism database you can become the main platform for your city or region.

We have four packages available for a dedicated ODP: from Small to Extra Large.

All the data will always be owned by the DMO or owner of the platform. Additionally, we have created several connectors for the ODP together with VVV the Netherlands, theater, podia, natural monuments, route agencies, museums and many other partners. An input module for entrepreneurs and organizers is added to the tourism database. As DMO this provides you with all relevant tourism data. You can connect the data with each other through tags and labels to easily create a route for kids or create an event calendar for your international guests. ODP, being the brain behind the connected websites, can ‘feed’ information to multiple websites, apps and widgets.