Creating your tourism marketing strategy. From DNA to storyline. From persona to ideal customer journey.

When creating a tourism marketing strategy for almost every tourism website, a top task analysis is done in the online strategy phase. The visitors of the website are asked which information they expect to find on the website. We then use this information to structure the website optimally for every target group. The first analysis is seen as a base measurement. We therefore advise to repeat the top task analysis at least once a year. In this way your tourism marketing strategy is at the top of its game and can be adjusted for the changing needs of your visitors.

Target group and coremodel sessions

Before starting a project we determine which ‘ingredients’ we need to come to a good tourism marketing strategy. Often a lot of preparation has already been done, so we can immediately start with the development of an ideal online customer journey. But sometimes we need to really start from scratch to create a brand or the storylines. We have one certainty: Every destination has its special characteristics which can be used to start digging and find its DNA.

We do several types of strategy sessions: DNA, brand strategy, storylines, target groups/personas, objectives/KPIs, coremodel and structure sessions. We customize the tourism marketing strategy trajectory so that you can choose the approach that fits you best: from staccato to deep dive.